Capacity Management Solution


Safeguard your customers by tracking the number of people entering or exiting your premises in order to monitor capacity and maintain social distancing.

A collaboration with leading technology partners to provide an effective way to manage in-store capacity during and after the Covid19 crisis. Control the flow of customers at entrances via customer-facing screens visualising exactly when it is safe to enter a location, or when maximum capacity has been reached.

Below are 5 reasons why this is becoming the ‘go-to' choice for many major brands:

1. Single entrance or multi entrance

2. Data-driven reporting and insight

3. Flexible multi-zone layouts

4. Superior security and compliance

5. Choice of designs and templates

This solution has been developed in-line with Philips Professional Display Solutions to ensure full compatibility with the Philps D-Line display range, as part of a turnkey digital signage solution.

Required components to implement the PeopleCount solution:

  • Philips D-Line Display or a CRD50 OPS Module
  • NowSignage screen license (with the FREE Capacity Management App enabled)
  • Hikvision Dual lens People Counting camera model DS-2CD6825G0/C-I(V)(S).

All elements are available from AVM.

Single entrance or multi-entrance

Group your people counting sensors to provide a live capacity count of customers in your store, automatically calculating across single or multiple entrances.


Data driven reporting and insight

The real long-term value for the retailers is in the data available to its marketers. Due to the full integration developed by NowSignage, retailers can track, analyse and export reports containing all customer data, to better understand capacity trends.


Flexible muti-zone layouts

Using the advanced multi-zone layouts available in NowSignage, retailers can utilise their entrance screens for multiple purposes. In fact, you could even use your PeopleCount data to change your advertising/messaging accordingly. This invaluable insight gives this solution longevity far beyond the immediate future.


Superior security and compliance

Don’t run unnecessary risks associated with non-compliant solutions. NowSignage maintains and implements an array of robust and programmatic tests, encrypting all data to ensure full GDPR and security compliance.

Choice of designs and templates

Design your own people count dashboards to ensure your digital signage is on-brand. Customise your dashboards with colour coding, dynamic data inputs and personalised messaging.

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