This is a fantastic safeguarding solution that tracks the number of people entering or exiting any premises. Visualising exactly when it is safe to enter a location or when maximum capacity has been reached is easily achieved with PeopleCount.

It’s a collaborative solution fromNowSignage, Philips Professional Display Solutions and Hikvision cameras to provide an effective way to manage in-store capacity during and after the Covid19 crisis. Maintaining social distancing regulations is made simple by displaying real-time capacity data on digital signage screens in any given location and, with the Android SOC used across Philips digital displays, this solution is immediately available on the full range, including 16/7 to 24/7 usage, as well as videowall and high brightness models with up to 2,500 nits.

Installing a ‘people counting sensor’ on your entrances and exits will provide an accurate live data stream to help you make informed and decisive decisions.

By connecting this real-time data to NowSignage and your Philips screen you can then easily control the flow of customers at your entrances and visualise exactly when maximum capacity has been reached. It is even possible to automatically open and close entrances and exits when capacity allows.

Activate the ‘Capacity Management’ app within your NowSignage account and you can add your camera locations, set the capacity limits for each location, customise your dashboards and then apply these real-time people counting dashboards to your digital signage.

One unique element of this solution is that it has been developed as a full integration within the NowSignage digital signage platform, which means users are able to display footfall dashboards within the context of other digital signage content.

For example, using the multi-zone layout capabilities within NowSignage, a user can divide their screen into multiple zones to allow the PeopleCount dashboard to display alongside other promotional content or public safety messaging.

Once set up, you can also export your data as capacity trend reports, providing vital marketing and commercial analysis whilst also meeting your safeguarding obligations to your staff and customers.


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