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Vestel introduces three ways to gain visibility at ISE

At ISE this year Vestel made three major announcements. One was the launch of the extra bright PDX digital signage for the mainstream market, introducing a new range of 37in and 86in stretched displays. It also brought a new video wall solution to the show.

Extra Bright PDX Digital Signage

Promising higher impact visibility for every indoor environment, Vestel is set to overcome the challenges presented by on-site lighting with the launch of its Extra Bright PDX Digital Signage. Designed to suit a wider variety of verticals, the 55-75in series offers 55in and 75in Full HD displays with a striking 2,500 Nit brightness level and a 75in PDX1000 UHD display with an eye-catching 1000 Nits.

Ideal for almost every environment from bright, sunlit foyers and offices to window showcases and mirrored fitting rooms, the displays can be installed in landscape or portrait mode to suit the space. They also ensure 24/7 operation, which makes them ideal for use in quick service restaurants.

Offering native contrast ratios of up to 5,000:1 in the case of the 55in display, they are ideal for menu boards and flight displays, as they offer sharp, 3-D like picture clarity from even the closest viewing distances.

With QuadCore SoC technology, they support hassle-free communications, allowing users to access content-based management systems, online as well as offline. Offering LAN or RS-232 control, the displays also enable users to set a core range of scheduling functionality from any location. This System-on-Chip technology also supports, API so that users have the option of developing their own applications.
Thanks to their OPS compatibility with Windows and Android PC modules, all three of the PDX displays can provide a scalable and future-proof solution that is compatible with most software.

Offering the possibility of an interactive signage solution, the 1000 Nit display also comes with the option of an infrared touch screen overlay, which makes it ideal for use with features, such as NFC tags for POS applications.

Stretched Displays

Vestel’s new range of 37in and 86in stretched displays, the new NB Series, takes customisation to new heights, offering a series of flexible designs, which are both easy and cost-effective to adopt and install. Both screens can be used for vertical and horizontal orientations as well as face up installations. Ideal for a wider variety of applications, they are easy to install between clothes rails and shelves as well as over the tops of fridge and freezer counters in supermarkets.

With a 700 Nits brightness level for the 37in display and a 500 Nits level for the 86in larger model, they are designed to overcome the challenge of ambient lighting. This makes them perfect for high-impact marketing in window displays, mirrored and highly reflective changing rooms and all-glass airport terminals and foyers. They can also offer optimum visibility in harshly lit environments, such as bars and restaurants.

For leisure and hospitality verticals, the displays can ensure the perfect fit, providing higher resolution options to suit different viewing distances. The 86in screen offers extra sharp 3840 x 600 picture quality, making it the best choice for content that is intended to be seen in exceptional detail from even the closest distances. The 1920 x 540 picture perfect display is ideal for longer distances. Like the larger screen size, it offers a highly versatile and scalable solution that can be adapted over time. Thanks to all the displays’ ultra-narrow bezel widths of 3.5mm, they promise to ensure distraction-free viewing.

Daisy chainable with their DisplayPort inputs and outputs, both screens can be installed in side by side configurations for seamless border displays. Providing exceptional colour accuracy and vibrancy, the displays come with native contrast ratios of up to 4000:1 in the case of the 37in screen.

Designed for eclectic architecture, old and new, all three displays can digitalise any indoor environment, neatly fitting the pillar columns of museums and train stations. Suitable for critical operations, their 24/7 operation also makes them highly dependable.
Offering tablet-like functionality, the displays come with System-on-Chip technology to ensure hassle-free access to cloud content management systems. Users can also remotely schedule functionality using RS-232 or LAN control.

To further enhance their reliability, they are designed with features, such as pixel shifting technology to reduce the risk of residual image burn-in. They also come with signal failover protection, automatically switching input sources to display pre-selected content if the intended signal should ever be lost.

Content may also be quickly launched via USB and secured with the USB security feature, which ensures that any memory stick can be locked behind the display panel.

UK Head of the Vestel B2B Division, Mark Dew, commented: “With this range, we’re making it easier for businesses to invest in digital signage. Designed to fit every space, every application, these displays overcome the usual barriers to adoption, ensuring that allocated spend will always deliver the optimum return on investment.”

Video Wall

Vestel’s latest video wall solution offers a customisable solution that is easy to set up and use in a wider variety of applications. Designed to deliver a premium and immersive customer experience, the integrated, out-of-the-box solution has high-quality picture enhancement options, discreet bezel widths and high brightness levels. Ideal for every kind of environment from retail and leisure applications to control and surveillance rooms as well as educational establishments, the video wall system can digitalise businesses of every size and budget.
As well as offering the possibility of Full HD 49in, 55in and 65in screen sizes for display purposes, it provides the option of a 65in UHD screen to ensure exceptionally detailed picture clarity from even the closest viewing distances. With striking native contrast ratios of up to 1400:1 and a 10-bit colour depth, the displays are also designed to offer incredible true-to-life colour vibrancy.

To create a big scale branded experience, the solution immerses customers in the on-screen imagery, offering a near seamless picture with extremely narrow bezel width options of 3.5mm and 1.8mm.

With high brightness levels of 500 and 700 Nits as well as 1500 Nits for the 55in screen size option, all the screens can ensure high-impact visibility in brightly lit retail window displays as well as in all-glass lobbies and airport terminals. Overcoming the constraints of space, the screens can be displayed in landscape or portrait mode.

Providing a more scalable solution than projectors, the display can support configurations of up to 10 by 10 screens without sacrificing picture quality. Thanks to the DisplayPort inputs and outputs, the screens can also be daisy chained together without the need for any splitter device.

With the video wall controller, users have the option to schedule content and commands from their companion devices. The colour calibration camera is also important to long-term performance, offering a way to calibrate, maintain and align colours across all the tiled displays.

To support mission critical operations in environments, such as control and surveillance rooms, the displays offer 24/7 operation. The displays’ pixel shifting technology also improves their reliability, helping to reduce the risk of residual image burn-in
Designed for ease of use, the displays come with System-on-Chip technology which enables users to access content management systems, online as well as offline. Administrators can also remotely schedule a core range of functionality using RS-232 and LAN control.
Offering stand-out, long-term cost-efficiency, the solution requires very little downtime and maintenance. With features, such as built-in temperature control, the tiled displays are designed to shut down automatically to reduce the risk of any damage to the display.

UK Head of the Vestel B2B Division, Mark Dew, commented: “Opening up the video wall market to a wider demographic, we’re offering businesses the opportunity to experience high-quality digital marketing support, but without the usual hassle and expense. We know that the fear of user difficulties as well as poor on-screen quality has deterred many from investing in video wall systems. That’s why we’ve taken the time to create a customisable, all-in-one solution – a solution that only requires businesses to invest in the features they actually require.”

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